Работа - Вакансия в питерском отделении Оракл

Java ME Quality team is looking for a passionate, responsible and highly motivated Junior Software Quality Engineer. We are responsible for delivery of various types of releases of Java ME according to the highest quality standards and on schedule. We hire developers to write code to test code. Our goal is to have engineers writing robust, reliable, repeatable and maintainable tests that find issues early and cover the area of the component under testing. Our quality engineers also build frameworks and tools used for testing. Growth in this role means growing as an engineer: strong designs that are built to last, deep component knowledge and broad scenario experience will be measures of success as a candidate grows in this role.

Required skills and knowledge:

  • Strong technical background
  • M.S. in a technical discipline
  • 1+ years of experience in Software Development or Quality
  • Good knowledge of Java programming language
  • Understanding of the Object-oriented programming paradigm
  • Intermediate and above English
  • Some testing and troubleshooting experience

Preferable skills and knowledge:

  • Java Certified Programmer
  • Good communication skills
  • C/C++/Objective C programming experience
  • Programming experience in Unix environment
  • Multithreaded programming experience
  • Shell scripting skills
  • Source code control systems
  • Experience in writing test cases and test automation
  • Performance testing experience
  • Application Testing experience

Contacts: Mikhail.Davidov@oracle.com


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